Thursday, September 27, 2018


Today we've been prototyping our beeswax wraps further.  We used jojoba oil, beeswax and pine resin.  We prototyped the making method.  We used a bain marie to melt the ingredients and tried several ways to test for the best way to apply the ingredients.  We also baked the wraps in the oven. Tomorrow we are going to test the vegan alternative to beeswax.  We are using candelilla wax.  Then we will give out samples to our potential customers to test for us.

By Tahlia and Elsie

Friday, August 10, 2018

Creating Prototypes for Our Term 4 Market

In our DATS Concept Team for Term 3 and 4 we are really interested in creating products for our market in November that are based around caring for the environment.  One of our ideas was to create seed bombs with seeds of flowers that attract bees to your garden.  Bees are important for pollination flowers that will turn into fruit and vegetables.  We watched a youtube clip on how to make seed bombs.  Our first attempt we followed the instructions exactly.  The second attempt we "tweaked" the method by soaking the paper longer and then whizzing it longer in the blender.  We discovered:
  • the paper needs to be ripped up incredibly small
  • soaking the paper for longer helps to break the paper down 
  • whizzing longer in the blend helps to make the paper more pulpy
  • the smaller mould helps to hold the seed bomb together better 
Next week we will try a third attempt to improve the method further.  Watch this space for further information.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Boomerang Bags

Fiona from Boomerang Bags came to our values assembly yesterday to talk to us about the local community project.  Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – community made using recycled materials, Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags. By getting involved with Boomerang Bags, you are participating in a national movement that celebrates a local grassroots initiative, community building and sustainability.

After assembly Fiona worked with students from Coronet and Skippers to create a Boomerang Bag for the project.  We had great fun!  We plan to create more bags at school for this brilliant community project.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scribble Bots

Today we made robots (without brains!)  They are able to draw wonderful and crazy pictures?  I wonder how they do that?